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Corporate Advisory | Investor Relations

We offer comprehensive services for  U.S.-listed public companies in the following areas:


  • Corporate advisory

  • Investor relations

  • Public relations

  • Media solutions


Our team members have extensive experience in equity research, fund management, financial reporting and analysis, investment banking, investor relations, public relations and media. Since 2012, Weitian has been providing comprehensive corporate advisory and IR/PR solutions for over 50 U.S.-listed Chinese companies, including some of the recent notable IPOs.

MOXC: 11/23/2016
CIFS: 8/15/2017
HEBT: 3/13/2017
NEWA: 9/25/2017
RETO: 12/22/2017
TMSR: 4/30/2018
AIHS: 6/11/2018
PUYI: 3/29/2019

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