Weitian Profile 万千简介
Established in 2012 by a group of accomplished Wall Street executives with deep knowledge of U.S. capital market and U.S./Chinese corporate culture.

Full service consultancy offering comprehensive corporate advisory, investor relations and public relations services primarily for U.S.- listed Chinese companies.

Team members have experiences in equity research, fund management, public company management, investment banking, internal IR, external IR and public relatoins. We are proud to have served over 22 of the 132 Chinese Companies that have gone public on Nasdaq/NYSE since 2015. 
我们的团队在证券分析,基金管理,融资并购,上市公司管理,资本市场咨询和投资者关系方面具备专业的经验. 自2015年以来,我们很荣幸地为共计132家左右在美国新上市的中国公司中的22家提供了服务。

We currently serves over 30 corporate clients and has offices in NY/NJ and Shanghai.

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