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We are a boutique corporate advisory and IR/PR consultancy focusing on serving U.S.-listed Chinese companies. Since 2012, ​ we have provided comprehensive corporate advisory and IR/PR solutions for over 50 corporate clients, helping clients achieving their capital market goals. Since 2015, among the 104 Chinese Companies that went public in the U.S. through IPO, SPAC, or up-listing, 20 companies have chosen our services.
万千集团是专注于为在美国上市的中概股公司提供全方位资本市场服务的咨询公司。自2012年成立以来万千已经累计为超过50家中概股提供了企业顾问和投资者关系服务。自2015以来,在共计132家新上市中概股公司(包括IPO, SPAC, 及转版)中,有22家选择了万千的服务。
Corporate Advisory
We provide IPO advisory and other corporate advisory services including macro update, market intelligence, industry and competitive analysis, peer monitoring, financial modeling and forecasting on as-need basis.
Investor Relations
Customized service packages based on unique client needs: press release drafting, analyst access, earnings call, corporate presentation, IR website design & maintenance, investor outreach, road show, investor conference participation, broker teach-in.
根据客户需求,为客户量身定制个性化的投资者关系方案: 撰写新闻稿、组织财报会议,公司宣讲、IR网站设计及维护, 介绍投资者和分析师, 安排路演,投行引荐。
Public Relations
Multi-faceted PR solutions with the powerful combination of TV, newspaper, and social media through partnerships and collaborations with leading media outlets, including newspapers, TV stations, financial journals.
包括电视采访, 报纸专栏,杂志专访,视频制作和发布,社交媒体宣传的全方位PR解决方案。
86 Newswire
Daily news update for the 240+ U.S.-listed Chinese companies delivered before the market open through our web portal at, WeChat subscription account and email blasting.
通过万千旗下美股在线平台(86 Newswire)提供涵盖所有在纳斯达克和纽交所上市的240多家中概股的每日新闻更新。分布渠道包括万千网站,微信公众号和群发邮件。

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